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Fire ants decided to take residence under the shower pan in our primary bathroom. We had an urgent need to demo the area and get to the root of the problem. Wil and his crew were willing to do as little or as much as we wanted to fix it. We had full creative control over the process and WREEDONE gave guidance when needed/asked. Justin was the PM for our project and he totally went above and beyond. While never expected, Justin was always available to answer questions/address concerns even on nights and weekends. Justin’s communication was great and he would even periodically check in just make sure we were holding up okay living in a construction zone. All of the trades who worked in our home respected the property and were considerate of our entire family. We are extremely happy with our bathroom remodel — and best of all, no more fire ants!!Read More

We got connected to Wil & team through a mutual friend, with a deisre to concurrently remodel (2) bathrooms. Wil sets & delivers the highest bar in service, that is present from the initial engagement with Wil all the way down through his different trades, suppliers, contractors, and team members. His project planning is extremely thorough - he brings the experience to engage well, help guide on design inputs, avoiding landmines, and being effective with planning & cost. As a client we got to engage with expertise on every needed item: Paint (thank you Faith!), trades - Plumbing & fixture design, tile selections, and more. Our project manager, Justin, was extremely communicative and responsive usually within minutes - not days, and brought some great ideas that helped shape improved design considerations. When something didn't quite look right with paint - Justin had a crystal clear plan communicated with resolution the next day. Justin always had supplies on-site and ready to go for all trades, and was there with each trades contracting resource to validate the outcome was clearly understood. Outstanding 1st project - looking forward to working with Wil, Justin, Caleb, and more again in the future. Thank you!Read More

“I have worked with Wil for lots of years on tons of different customer projects together. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him on a professional basis and have found him to be honest and really good with our customers. And though I have been very pleased with our business relationship, I have enjoyed getting to know him as a person even more. We have talked about life, parenting, relationships with others and God, all of which I have really enjoyed. Hope to work with Wil and Wreedone for a long time.”Read More

“Wreedone and my company, Jubilee Company, have successfully partnered to primarily provide our customers customized frameless shower glass, as well as countertops and other remodeling services for almost 2 years. Interaction with their Project Managers has been seamless, and they make an intentional effort to commun icate effectively and be accessible!“Read More

I am a Professional Designer and had partnered with Wreedone in 2022 in helping our clients to successfully re-design bathrooms and kitchens. The biggest gauge for our success is the satisfaction of our customers, which has been fantastic! I really want to continue working with Wreedone in the future.Read More

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